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Who we are?


  • We are identify as crypto hub in Slovenia with handsome AI engineers and GPT0rs experiments. We love to experiment and trying new things, because that's how innovations happens.

  • Check our current family members

  • We are building perma crypto village like Davos, Switzerland, Lugano, Switzerland or any similiar initiative, which would like host crypto & AI people on periodic and long-term basis.


  • We appreciate effort of crypto popu-ups like Zuzalu, Montenegro, which are aim for shor-term hype, we are here to stay.

  • we will warmly welcome any web3 builders to hangout and share their insights in our sunny royalcore styled lounge area with marble floor.

  • We are focusing on creating value in middle of nowhere to remove city stimulus, let grow things for individuals, which matters like body and mind, which leads you to bigger crafts than one self

  • Why we choose Bled?

  • On sidelines, we are trying in SubWork various web3 expriments, like upselling our merch in physical space. First 30 people can claim $50 voucher "ireadsubworklanding" in KodaShop


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