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magical stay in Julian Alps

bled bird view

We've tapped in Julian Alps with SubWork in April 2022 to demonstrate possibility of long-term pop-up community to exists wrapped around aligned values, middle of nowhere.

After two years, we would like to celebrate significant milestone as culmination of hosting over 250 high quality inviduals.

We are toying with idea to setup up 2-6 week long Zuzalu themed pop-up village in magical Julian Alps. Among expected tracks we are looking to have emphasis on Longevity, Hard & Deep Tech and Network States.


  • We are eyeballing range mid of September 2024 - mid of October 2024
  • Right between Zuitzerland and ETHLisbon 18-20th October
  • Why those dates? Most of accomodation would be relaxed off-seasson as Bled is small village of 8k citizens which transforms into small capital with over 1M bookings over year, mostly during summer. Lot of families are incentivized enjoy tranquil nature and surroudings.

bled from straza hill


  • Longevity - Health & Bio - nutritional science, biohacking, practical & philosophical aspects of well-being
  • Decentralized Science -
  • Real-world crypto - Zero-Knowledge tech, protocol research, practical real life application
  • Network States - new towns & cities, governance, collective intelligence, culture
  • Aritifical Intelligence & Cyber Defense - Compute & Geopolitics, value alignment, decentralized AI
  • Space Tech & Techno-Optimism -


  • As we are aiming 2-6 week full of nature exploration, peer-knowledge sharing and in-person lectures.
  • We aim for 70 long-term stayers and approximately 100 short-term visitors with an average 4 days stay participants
  • We have dozens available venues in walking proximity of SubWork less than <1 minute.


  • SubWork - primary shilling point, can comfortably host 70 folks at once
  • Open air rooftop near SubWork - 100+
  • Coffeeshop Apropo next to SubWork
  • Schedule depended - Lovec panorama room (70+70) and Kompass conference room (90+)
  • More venues available at Bled


Brief agenda

  • During the week: After a healthy breakfast, you’ll spend the daytime in deep work. We provide infrastructure for you to be productive, whether you need a day of focus or want to run a retreat for your team or in a specific topic area. You will be in a beautiful place to work without having to worry about logistical details.
  • In the evenings: There will be activities and opportunities to meet people, such as salons corresponding to that week’s theme and group bike rides in the surrounding Alpine country.
  • Each weekend: We'll host unconferences on a variety of topics organized by relevant experts. At this point, the week-long participants will be joined by shorter-term visitors, injecting fresh energy into the popup village.
  • By who: The village will be filled with high-agency people who are building towards this type of future: founders, scientists, urban planners, researchers, engineers, philosophers, storytellers, and beyond. We look for thoughtful people who are brilliant, curious, and kind.

Inspiration for ZuBled

Zuzalu shares elements of this vision. Its original instantiation was a 2-month popup village in a small beach town in Montenegro in 2023, which brought together 1,000+ people interested in a solarpunk future. The topics of focus were varied—crypto, longevity, AI, network states & new cities, zero-knowledge—and the unconference format focused on collective learning, collaboration, and building new frontier tech. The success of this event inspired dozens of similar projects, including ZuConnect, Vitalia, Mu, and many others Zuzalu events upcoming

Who is organizing ZuBled?

Core organizators include, but not exclusive

Want to be part of ZuBled?

You are always welcome to join our SubWork reception group and ask curious questions you might have ahead.


  • Objectively measure individual reaction to various types of nutrition with GCM
  • Cerebrolysin - subjective cognitive testing
  • Triathlon - Various runs, enhancing personal endurance, like JAT LAKE BLED
  • Sleep testing - peer group to measure quality of sleep, impacts, improvements and sharing learnings
  • Daily cold plunge - at Lake there is highlikely chance assembly group of 10-15 who would be steadily taking lead to organize morning cold plunges. There is option do it at beautiful alpine river.
  • Active co-op with BiohackerDAO



We are trying establish price per ticket as we would like comfortable cover running costs of facilities and spread equally.

Want to organize your track?

We are generally want to help you setup your own track up and running with on-site help of volunteers


We are open for sponsorships.

Internet on site

We are backed by 1Gbit fiber (expandable for 2Gbit) with professional Ubiquiti coverage with optional rooftop coverage and back-up 5G LTE. Operators in Slovenia offers 150G data plan for 15e.

Concept of aligned community living in Bled

Imagine living in a small town within walking distance of friends, family, and people you admire.

On your way to the coworking space, you run into your favorite author in the town square. After a productive morning, a friend a few desks over invites you on a walk to brainstorm a hackathon project.

Then, at dinner, everyone gathers for a healthy meal grown just over the hill. The mayor pops in to share an update on the upcoming art festival, alongside a jam-packed weekend on the latest in AI and Biotech.