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coworking space in Bled, Slovenia beta

lake bled

co-work space by Koda Builders inviting web3 builders.

who builds at SubWork?


why are we at Bled?

  • We always wanted to have a space in nature away from everything, where others could come to recharge and build their dreams in peace with like-minded athletic achievers.
  • A morning workout in nature does wonders with your mind & body. 🏃‍♂️
  • Beautiful scenery outside of the capital city creates mind serenity. 🚴
  • Come to realize your achievement and fulfill your dream. 💨
  • Bled has an average annual amount of 2880 sunshine hours, ☀️
    • guaranteeing your daily mood even in winter
  • 📖 Learn why Bled is an amazing place for your productivity


view from hill Straza, 200m from SubWork

who can I meet in space?

  • who are family members at SubWork?
  • we've hosted over 200 high quality builders in space for last two years
  • day guests are coming from cities like Zurich, Singapore, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Copenhagen, Milan and many more
  • amounts of coworkers in SubWork in the past
    • nine co-workers in December ‘22
    • 23 co-workers in May ‘23
    • 110 co-workers summer & fall '23
  • come to visit us and join our Telegram group


SubWork mascot, australian shephard, Berry

conference capacities 👔

our capabilities 🧘


surroundings 🏞

Are you curious about how it looks around Bled?

you are an athletic soul 🏋️

Have a peek at sports activities you can do in proximity of SubWork


Canoes at Lake Bohinj

museum 🏛

We care about your education about local place

options for long-term stay 🏡