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membership in SubWork

Operating as a non-profit we want to cover our investments, running costs such as monthly rent, day-to-day resources to maintain accessible and clean spaces for everyone.





are you coming to Slovenia to enjoy your stay for sports activity and do you need a place to focus on your work? It is a perfect fit for you.

  • available desk in space
  • enjoy insider experience
  • you can participate at regular breakfasts organized by members
  • 100€ / week


flex desk

you are living near by, but at home, you are bored or have a lot of distractions from kids. We are your place to escape and being productive.

  • guaranted table
  • you'll get a temporary code
  • you can participate in regular breakfasts organized by members
  • 300€ / mo


fix desk

  • early bird, fresh startup founder with raised money need a place to focus and grind? Have revenue from your AI GPT startup? We are your place number one in Slovenia to have the right hustle group to help you 10x your revenue.
  • own a plant on your table
  • option to have 160cm desk if available in space
  • 24/7 access
  • 400€ / mo


coming as a group for team retreat?

we know that team retreats have a doable effect on team morale to change the working environment. We are happy to accommodate your needs depending on our operating capacity. We are happy to give you a group discount for your team. Ask on our Telegram chat for more


meeting rooms

In SubWork, we offer three private meeting rooms for your team work. With focus on collaboration and acoustic insulation.


rent venue for your event

  • Want to rent SubWork? Let us know, the price starts from 1200€/day.
  • Are you an NGO, non-profit, or student organization? We can offer you a friendly discount.
  • Renting for a longer period is eligible for discount.
  • 📖 Learn more


portfolio companies

special discount for portfolio company from particular VCs. Ask at Telegram for more information.


slovenian startup scene

we are offering limited 30% discount on memberships for slovenians, who are part of local startup scene

payment options

We accept payment by credit card in space, cryptocurrencies via partners, and wire transfers.

📖 Book membership in SubWork


we can issue you an invoice from our Slovenian company, which you can put as an expense in your accounting. This is only available for fixed desks, renting venue and meeting rooms from up to 6 hours.

pricing for SubWork coworking passes

TierUnit price €
Day pass30
Week pass100
Two weeks pass180
Flex Desk300/mo
Fix Desk400/mo
Meeting Room L250/h
Meeting Room L150/h
Rent Venue evening500/3h
Rent Venue day1200/day
Private Office2000/mo
Sponsorship Tier C3k/mo
Sponsorship Tier B5k/mo
Sponsorship Tier A10k/mo