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Remote Booking SubWork coworking space

Bled village from Straza Hill

Pay a visit our beautiful coworking space SubWork in Julian Alps in Bled, Slovenia

Are you interested in using space, yet none of our staff is on site?

Follow the steps below, and you will receive a code to unlock our coworking space. We will create your temporary access remotely. Mind this needs to be done a bit ahead. We recommend book at least 24-48 hours. Sometimes, we can respond under six hours.

Availability for remote booking

Remote booking is only available for coworkers buying longer stay, i.e. weekpass, bi-weekly or month.

Brief process

  1. Pay returnable deposit
  2. Go to Telegram Group to share receipt for successful deposit
  3. You'll receive access code from our staff

1_Pay returnable deposit

As we've been born space for family and friends, we are happy to enable you to enjoy it with us. As we can't meet you in real life and our members value their belongings, we require you to make a deposit ahead of time for seamless onboarding. Deposit helps us to cover any damages that might happen during your stay. The current deposit is 400€. It's a returnable deposit. Deposit is returned after a space checkup in less than 7-14 days.

Pay the deposit with a credit card

2_Join Telegram group

Once you have made your deposit, head to our Telegram Group and share the identification of your payment, either your email or receipt id you've received.

3_You've got the access code

Staff usually shares a handful information about space. Just in case you can review most of information you might need during your stay at SubWork

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Pay for stay

In case you haven't paid at the site on the terminal or you have only a virtual company card, you can settle your payments for a coworking stay