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First time in SubWork


You are already in our coworking space and want to get more familiar with stuff. This is quick brief when no-one is around available help you in person as they might be busy or enjoying sports in nature.


We would likely warmly welcome in our space and we are happy that you choose to come to our space!


Our space started as wild adventure of KodaDot founders and after spending year here, we double down opening web3 cowork here and make it our HQ and happy share with digital nomads as we are same blood type and travel around hackathon and conferences and choose Bled as our homebase where we can recharge & recover fast.

More about you

We are always curious, where did you heard first time about SubWork? Feel free share more in our Telegram and get connected with our community of current & past coworkers.


We are always curious, where are you coming from to our place in middle nowhere? What's your motivation to show up? We are happy to vibe with you at our channel

Meeting Rooms

Once you are in our space, we have availibility of our meeting rooms, we offer tables hot desks and collaboration corners to use. If none of tables is specially marked and clean, it means it's available for you to utilize and being productive.


password could be find on walls by scanning QR code. Other equipment like printer we have in case you want to print something.


is free to use, have a glass water or if you are familiar with speciality gear, feel free to use one. If you are staying longer, we are more than happy show you how to use it, our local barista Viki will show you quick lesson how to. We have gear from local Slovenian folks Goat and we have numerous bean bags where we supply coffee beans.

Are you thirsty?

We have refrigerated beverages like Club-Mate, Club-Mate Cola, non-alcoholic beer and other drinks depends on availability for you in fridge in the space. On the fridge is self-service terminal. You can press button from right side of it and enter amount tp pay. Current usual price is flat 2€ to support space and operations.


Respect fair usage policy and have a read of our rules of space, if you are great digital nomad, we've bet you already know them all and well behaved person.

Want to come and no-one is around?

We travel too and we are more than happy make this family space autonomous. To offer space as public good for anyone coming, it needs to make sustainable returns and we can manage to pay rent. If you can deposit us ahead small amount like 300e, we are happy to share access with you. Otherwise there is always members on site.


Door Lock

Once you've got your code, you can use it to open doors. Dial numbers and it should open automatically.

When you are leaving space, you can unlock doors by tap once on middle button. Door lock should automatically open. When it is in auto lock mode, usually it automatically locks when you leave. Just in case you can press triangle button on dial and it will lock the doors.