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Offchain governance ​

As we are having more than 8 members daily in space, it's time to lay out basic rules to coordinate in space in positive way and being excellent to each other.

using scarce resources ​

conference room ​

Usage in straight supposed to be max 1hr as fair user policy for others taking calls. We have currently three places dedicated for your calls, big & small meeting room and micro booth. It's unhealthy to have long calls anyway, go for magical hallway conversation πŸ˜‰

toilet room ​

We propose 3 minutes max rule and best no phone πŸ˜…. WiFi works flawlessly outside of toilet and you may blocking someone who want to go on toilet for urge reason πŸ˜‰

rule of thumb πŸ‘ ​

having call? ​

Best to not distrub others is taking your calls from conference rooms. If they are full we recommend sit outside of silent zone and don't phone next someone else. If you decided to phone at tables, try to be silent 😌

is someone loud to you? ​

Kindly ask them, if they can be silent for you. As SubWork is meant to be silent space aimed for productive mood and focus. Chit chats are more tolerated in afternoon hours like 3pm+ when deep work windows are mostly over people doesn't have headphones.

kitchen ​

Leave it in place you want to find it again, it's simple.

glasses in space ​

Rule of thumb is to take glass with you after usage. Someone might forgot in hurry, so it's also good excellence to pick glasses after someone else. Next time it can happen to you and doing few more steps to kitchen helps your blood circulation and gain new perspective in life πŸ™ƒ

headphones rule ​

Has someone headphones or earbuds? Probably best not to approach them or disturb them as they might being middle of their flow state.

collaboration at family table ​

Our space is limited and as you are taking great time with team, we recommend you be bit silent during deep work hours even someone rolled out best joke of week. We've got it, there is never enough jokes.

deep work hours window ​

Is usually between 10am-4pm.

want to shower? ​

Sure, reccomend is to bring your own towel as well as we don't offer for now ☺️

want to add something here? ​

Sure, you can always raise some point, below is edit this page and feel free to add PR to this page. We are happy to discuss and improve space for others, if we miss something.