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Contribute and Improve SubWork

Each space has running daily space and to help feel well everyone in space, it's more than welcome if you can take care of any kind of tasks.


Watering plants

Our major factor is we have over 30 plants in space to feels like real jungle. Yet jungle can be thirsty so it's good to water plants to keep them alive. They contribute to have amazing air quality in space, even we are in mountains. They make feel like you are sitting in real nature. Watering them once a while helps a lot. Anytime you notice water mark is low, feel free grab and put bit water there.

Collect glasses from space

No one is super tidy, yet sometimes happens someone forget dirty glass. If you even make atomic move bringing it to kitchen, you raise odds it's getting clean.

Run dishwasher

Full sink or full dishwasher? Feel free run it and you'll please everyone else in space with clean plates and cuttlery.

Run out of X

Hygienic stuff like toilet paper or soap is usuall stuff needs regular buys in. We have somewhere in space SubWork card where you can go and shop these stuff in Mercator next doors. It would help us a lot keep those things in supply.