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Friday and Saturday hustle

  • Work on Your Projects for FREE at SubWork.
  • Are you a freelancer, remote worker, or entrepreneur looking for a productive workspace? SubWork is opening its doors for FREE coworking on each Friday and Saturday!
  • Come experience our vibrant coworking community surrounded by lush greenery. Enjoy our high-speed internet, comfortable workstations, and daily peer motivation to power through your projects.

This is the perfect opportunity to

  • Get out of the home office and boost your productivity
  • Network with like-minded professionals
  • Discover the benefits of coworking at SubWork
  • Fuel your creativity with our complimentary coffee and snacks. Plus, take advantage of our special discounts when you sign up for a membership during your visit.
  • Seats are limited, so claim your FREE coworking day now!
  • Simply say hi to our SubWork Telegram channel with message when you would like to come and we will be expecting you.

We look forward to having you at SubWork and move your projects forward! $$$$

Pool drive to SubWork

Popular pooling services are Nomago and GoOpti have direct connection from Ljublajna Train Station. Cost for 5 people is usually less than 30€-50€. They can tailor custom deal for you. If you take van it can be cheaper for 7 people.