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Events 📅


We've organized numerous events in SubWork and in feature we plan to do so.

From past events like opening christmas party, Polkadot Bled mini conference or casual Friday's Brunch at SubWork, we plan to make end of summer L2 hackathon and shoot few events during summer as various hosts are coming to our space. Everything depends on availibility of speakers and their will.

Don't want to miss next event at SubWork?

Let's subscribe to SubWoork meetup group


Meetups we plan to organize

We have in line 20 speakers who would likely to come to SubWork and we just need to settle date with them. You can have a peak on our planned meetups in SubWork


Do you want to organize event in SubWork?

You are more than welcome organize event at our place. Feel free create new issue on SubWork Github, ping us on telegram and we can label it meetup for you.


Past meetups hosted in SubWork