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Specialty Coffee in Bled


Specialty coffee refers to the highest grade of coffee available, produced in special micro-climates and meeting certain quality standards. It is part of the third wave of coffee, which emphasizes exceptional quality in both farming and brewing. Specialty coffee is typically grown in South and Central Americas, Asia, and Africa. It is characterized by its exceptional taste, aroma, and unique flavor profiles. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) sets standards for specialty coffee production, including allowable defects and water standards. There is also a growing movement to include environmental and social indicators in the definition and grading of specialty coffee. The demand for specialty coffee is increasing worldwide, with a rise in independent cafes and specialty coffee shops.


Specialty Coffee at SubWork

We are lovers of specialty coffee. Proof is that's we have few dozens of specialty tooling things around!

Which kind of coffee you can make in SubWork?

  • Espresso
  • Capuccino
  • Flat White
  • V60
  • Cold Brew
  • Cold Drip

Are you experienced barista? We have speciality gear on spot! Sometimes barista too!

  • Aeropress
  • Commandante
  • Goat Story Gina
  • Fellow Stagg X
  • Ibrik - Turkish Pot

Bean Bags

We usually have bean bags from these brands, yet feel free to ship one to our address, we always welcome one! Bean bags we had in past, but not always rule they are in stock

  • Concept (SK)
  • Stow (SI)
  • Taste Coffe (IT)
  • Mabo (RO)
  • SaltWater (NYC)
  • Syra (ES)
  • YellowBird (DK)
  • Bellabean (AT)
  • Cogito (HR)
  • Coffia (SK)
  • Picola (CZ)
  • SweetBeans (SK)
  • Diamond Roastery (SK)
  • Jungle Roastery (SK)
  • Tim WendelBoe (NO)
  • Cophi (PL)
  • Jonas Reindl
  • Blue Mondays (SK)
  • UnderDog (GR)
  • CoffeHolics (SK)
  • Bonte (SK)
  • Santa Coffee (ES)
  • The Barn (DE)
  • Rebel Bean (CZ)
  • Gardelli (IT)


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