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Why did we choose Bled for coworking space?

  • Bled has superior air-quality and nature equanimity with lots of hike opportunities to close mountains around to faster recharge your mental wellbeing.
  • lot of options of sport activities to do to grow your body and mind.
  • Bled has amazing medieval history.
  • yangwao been living in Bled since October 2021 and found it pretty well balanced place for wellbeing, with close reach to Ljubljana, Austrian Mountains, Italian Dolomites and sea side of Croatian-Italian Istrija.


First SubWork citizen

  • yangwao has decided during early lockdown periods to move somewhere where it's calm, beautiful nature and affordable life to cater needs of wellbeing. Pursuing superior air-quality in Julian Alps, close to 2500 annual sun hours, guarantee great mood even during winter which after experiencing cloudless winter it was go-to place and prefer stick with mountain rather seaside. Hospitality of local German-Slavics offered best from both, high morale and quality of delivery food and products. With close access to capital Ljubljana under 40mins, 30mins to international airport, under 90mins to seaside is amazing choice place to be. Scenic place Bled offeres aesthetics with lake, church on Island in the middle and rock with medieval castle on the top with background of Karawanke two thousand high mountain top having snow even till late spring.

Removing city stimulus

  • Removing city stimulus was one of key decision in choice of place as nowadays we spend great amount of screen time on telegram, discord, github and gpt prompts, where you would like to have instant access to nature under your finger once you finish your job and no need to rush to park in your city to relax.

Positive transformation

  • Living in Bled had transformative effect on all tenants of SubWork where they body and soul being upgraded to new athletic achievers. Yangwao personally lost 10kg in 6 weeks just in snap and cured out from burn out, ppl pivoted to better job or improved their delivery and feel more happier about their wellbeing

Being more present

  • Refreshing activities like meditation at lake, run up hill to enjoy views are underappreciated for creativity boosts, which are hard to find in noise cities and take moment to being present

European hotspot for camping

  • Most important, no wonder it's touristic hotspot in Europe among campers as in surrounding there are lot of camp sites at beautiful white-blue rivers

Meaningful Internet-first community

  • Building from scratch among web3 builders who are aligned with same values, they decided to build next unicorn, found power being alone and not being influenced by peers in city, yet highly autonomous individiuals and wild enough.

VitePress generated at SubWork, some pictures from Unsplash