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speciality coffee lovers doing daily grind

type of areas we have in SubWork


picture of premier lounge area to secure your milion $ tickets

  • space for focused work
  • space for collaborative work
  • space for relaxation
  • space with bar seating
  • all areas are accousticially insulated for your silent comfort
  • lounge areas for executive meetings


premium objects in space


picture of good looking goatstory dripper in sunlight

  • lot of plants
    • over 30 and counting
  • 4K 32" USB-C monitors
    • plenty screen real estate for your grind and gpt outputs
  • standing desk
    • we don't like back-pain either
  • ultra-fast optic fibre gigabit Internet
    • downloading big LLM models for your AI startup or syncing big blockchain?
    • industry standard wi-fi coverage by Ubiquiti
  • podcasting equipment
  • shower
    • are you feeling sporty and want finish your morning workout in SubWork? We've got shower in space!
    • want some shower thoughts before entering into deep work focus window?

community social events on regular basis


lot of folks on our first polkadot mini-conf


we had lot of public breakfast in past with local friends


casual wine & drinks after meeetups

micro gym in coworking space


we feel sporty everyday and to keep up our development pace fast. We will help to build athletic mentality.


statsh of bikes

  • on-site support
    • your code doesn't build? We have experts in Rust, Typescript, Vue, Substrate, Solidity
  • bicycle-friendly
    • you can come to SubWork on bike!
  • crypto-enabled
    • place on earth where price talk is allowed
  • air-conditioning
    • right working temperature



picture of cold brew picture of very cold club mate, imagine.

  • speciality coffee bean bags
    • equipment like frenchpress and commandante grinder
  • club-Mate
    • we love berlin style
  • chai latte
    • we have lot of various brands of chai latte powders and syrup
  • wine
    • have closed seed-round and you need some chill?
  • tea and matcha


picture of delivered package waiting for you to unbox

  • package handling

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