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Planing to pay a visit our beautiful space in Julian Alps in Bled, Slovenia?

Let's make pull request with your approximate date to table below, so we can count on you.

Booking system

We will go under go adding booking system in hopefull future to make it easier and click from mobile phone for anyone to come and book. Right now we prefer tell us ahead on Telegram.



Workspace availability

  • We are operating in holistic way right now, first come, first serve.
  • Current capacity is 4x160, 6x120, 2x150, 1x160 standing desk, family table for 8 people, 6 bar chairs in higher table. Two meeting rooms.
  • Polkadot room has 8 seats, Kusama room 4-8 seats, silent corner 2 seats
  • We can add extra 8x120 tables to scale up for more seats and one more extra family table for 8 people comfortable.
  • Internet is currently 300mbit/100 with Ubiquidty WiFi6 coverage. We plan to make upgrade to 1Gbit/100, plenty speed for syncing your Substrate node and your sync calls with your team!
  • You can help us water 30 plants we have in our space to keep solarpunk vibe!
  • On your athletic days you can use shower we have at space and be sporty
  • When you get bored, you can beat time under 20m at 5000m at water rower we have in space!


Best let us know on our telegram channel


Add your line table below

Incoming guests

WhoTelegramApproximate DateHow many tables do you need
yangwao@yangwaoSince June 20221
lukevin/aJune 2, 20231